Mom, kids and life

           It’s 6a.m. and the morning begins when the alarm sounds. It’s time to start your day. You have to get the kids off to school. Iron your shirt for work. All while listening to the morning traffic report on the news. This is Mom, kids and life. Juggling the concerns of a 2nd grader’s homework, while grocery shopping for dinner. It’s a never- ending cycle that only Mom’s can fill.

         I am a Mom. My title is not singular, it’s transparent. Every night I transform into Head chef, librarian, housekeeper, even ghost buster! My daughter loves it! She abosrbs the consistency of the dynamic roles I portray. She gets it. She asks, “Do you need help cleaning the kitchen,” or she says,  “Mom you need your rest.” She’s alert and on point. Amazing how children add and assist in the business of each day.

        The day ends with a book and a smile. Put the kids to bed and catch up on the news from hours before. Life, thankfully will begin anew tomorrow. As a Mom, it’s your kids that make life sweet! I’m thankful to be me.  


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