All-Stars came to play in Thunder, Clippers game


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Last nights game against The Thunder and LA Clippers was fueled with heart and intensity! Both teams were fired up on offense and defense.

The LA Clippers hosted OKC, in game three of the semi conference finals.

The series was even at 1-1.

The first half showed the uncanny abilities of All-Star Russell Westbrook. He dominated in the paint, slicing and dicing through the lane. Westbrook also connected with his team for a total of 13 assists throughout the night.

Going the other way, All-Star Blake Griffin surprised everyone taking multiple perimeter jump shots to even the score for his team.

Also for the Clippers, All-Star Chris Paul lead with his competitive edge the entire way. Getting a double technical with friend/foe Kevin Durant, exchanging words briefly before being t’d up.

Paul, was a watchful observer making dime passes to teammates like Matt Barnes who scored several times from deep. Plus alley hooping it down low to D. Jordan, who continued to smash it through the rim.

Each play last night was something off an All Star game. From Kevin Durant’s sweet cross over, Chris Paul shooting nearly a half court three pointer, to Blake Griffin setting his dunk from the free-throw line- it was one incredible game to watch.

The Thunder went on to win it 118-112.

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