1995 film Dangerous Minds, relevant or nah?


If you have not seen the 1995 drama film, ‘Dangerous Minds’ directed by John N. Smith you may have difficulty relating to a larger percentage of popular culture that can not be easily understood.

This 1995 drama featuring actress Michelle Pfeiffer, is about a high school full of misguided, underprivileged students, who are lost in there environment that lacks community and education.

Sex, drugs, and violence permeate this film and can be equated to today’s real world ‘reality’ phenomenon and the demise of language appreciation.

In the title of this post I wrote, relevant or nah? This is a popular term currently being influenced by social media and television. It means, or not?

The film still has great relevance on culture although it does not feature teenagers on twitter, vine, or Instagram.

The film is an example of how film and television can establish a tolerance for the ambiguities of society.

I watched the film this morning drawing conclusions from my own personal up bringing, school life, outside environments and I can’t help but be thankful that my childhood was not over shaded by influences, language, and behaviors that are glorified by media or injected by our own interests.

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