Pacers fall in 4th quarter loss to Nuggets

The Indiana Pacers certainly found a kryptonite closing out games in the forth quarter. Pacers fell to the Denver Nuggets last night in an all out shootout 129 to 126.

Both the Denver Nuggets and Pacers displayed signs of good offensive hustle 1st and 2nd quarter; Denver holding a slight edge in the first few minutes of the 2nd quarter. The Pacers would hold the Nuggets to a 66-54 lead going into the half having help from the Indiana bench.

The Pacers continued to be dominate in the third quarter out scoring and rebounding the Nuggets. The game faired well for the Pacers going into the fourth quarter. An 11-0 run by the Pacers in the 4th didn’t solidify the victory just yet. Denver would continue to work at out scoring the Pacers the time it counted most.

The fall in the 4th quarter happened single-handedly through a break down of offense and defense showing signs of fatigue and maturity. With a young and versatile Denver team not flinching at a chance of a victory in the last six- seven minutes.

Denver went on to win.


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