Michigan Governor issues an apology for Flint water crisis

Last night Michigan Governor Rick Snyder issued an apology to the citizens of Flint during his State of the State Address.

Governor Snyder and city officials failed to release harmful information about the findings of lead and other harmful chemicals in the cities main water source.

“I am sorry, and I’ll fix it,” said Governor Rick Snyder at his speech.

Many citizens of Flint are currently leaving their homes to bath and shower because the water is just not safe.

President Obama officially declared a Federal State of Emergency on the city of Flint on January 16th. Also allowing city emergency funds of up to 5 million dollars to be used in accordance to federal and state law.

Emails released by the Governor showed that his office was aware of resident complaints dating back to February 2014, about the smell and odor of their water.

No attempts were made by the state or city water department to check into their concerns.

Residents instead were assured the new water source was completely safe.

What lead to the discovery of Flint’s faulty water was a private citizen. Governor Snyder acknowledged the citizens effort and not his department on making the initial findings of harmful issues in the water.





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