The Oscars; who’s opinion will prevail

With the latest Celebrities speaking out about this years Oscar nominee’s or lack thereof; the award show has got everyone buzzing.

Opponents of the Oscars such as actress Jada Pinkett-Smith took to social media to reveal her feelings on the lack of diversity of films and actors nominated. Former co-star of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rejected the actresses claim as, “simply upset her husband was not nominated for his role.”

Who’s opinion is right or wrong?

We are all entitled to feel, act, and speak our minds in our culture.

If you feel there is injustice you speak on it for change.

Not all of Hollywood or any group, race, religion, share the same opinions or beliefs.

The President of the Academy released a statement regarding the lack of diversity and agreed their should be more dialogue and inclusiveness among the members.

I will be watching this year’s award show hosted by Chris Rock and look forward to being entertained even through a pain.





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