Love & Hip Hop New York has more love to go around

VH1 reality show, Love & Hip Hop New York has gained more attention this season for it’s down right messy hip hop drama.

Already this season Peter Guns and wife Amina openly have discussed there battles with his constant infidelity and the loss of their baby.

Amina revealed to viewers her decision to abort her and Peter’s child with the intention on focusing on moving forward from her marriage.

Peter and his former girlfriend, Tara, were seen on the show engaging in extra-marital affairs in the same building as his wife Amina.

That’s right.  Both women live in the same apartment building in New York.

On the reunion show taped yesterday rumors are circulating that Amina and Tara are both pregnant by Peter.

This season could not get any worse for Peter as he is still currently married to one woman and is expecting another baby by another.

Although the series is heavily scripted, I can not imagine choosing to reveal to the world ‘scripted pregnancies’ to gain more viewers.

Reality tv is taking on new meanings.




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