Travel: 3 Things to consider when traveling to Mexico & the Caribbean…

People are traveling more than ever! Here are a few tips when traveling to some tropical and exotic locations like Mexico & the Caribbean.

Bring Vacation Confirmations

Today we are in a digital age where paper is a thing of the past. A smart traveler however will bring vacation and flight confirmations to ensure an enjoyable experience. You do not want to fall victim of ‘the missing reservation.” Being in a foreign country there could be language barriers, limited access to the internet via your mobile device. Bringing extra confirmations is an added precaution to make check-ins hassle free.

Money exchange may not be necessary!
The most common mistake tourist make is exchanging their currency to the visiting country. If you are staying in a predominantly tourist area or resort; the US dollars is widely accepted as an acceptable form of payment. By utilizing the American dollar you can avoid losing money when exchanging the country’s currency back to the US dollar.

Keeping your Passport safe
When traveling abroad passport storage is important to consider while planning. Resorts and hotels often offer additional features such as safe deposit boxes located in each room. They may require an additional fee though it is a safe choice for storing passports, jewelry or other valuables while your on vacation!

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