Everyone’s breaking up in true celebrity fashion

While the summer’s heating up celeb couple’s are calling it quits.

Rapper TI & wife Tiny Tameika Harris announced their divorce at the end of 2016. But fans were given a front row seat to the drama on the couple’s VH1 reality show, “Family Hustle.”

On the final season airing now on VH1, TI & Tiny do their best to work through their relationship drama to co-parent the three children they share together.

Lala Anthony and NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony made headlines too, when the Daily Mail confirmed the couple were living apart.

Neither Lala or Carmelo have publicly addressed the split. Rumors have went viral that Carmelo’s infidelities were ultimately to blame for the split.

In true celeb fashion social media has been a resource to communicate to fans.

Lala posted some steamy Instagram pics showing off her curves.

While Tiny sent positive messages to her fans that through the divorce drama she is trying to remain happy and upbeat.

We can’t deny that the summer’s hot weather could be the cause of a new wave of celeb break-ups.

Bathing suit season, shirts off, short, shorts… and did I mention abs? And top it off with uber rich celebs.









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