Trump, Clinton twitter beef

With the current Presidential race becoming more like an episode of reality tv, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton hash out their grievances like adults; via twitter.

Their twitter wars are often drawn out like day time soap operas. With Trump’s resoundingly rude yet charismatic rebuttals and Clinton’s team of well prepped, well seasoned campaign minions these two are living out modern day war-fare.

Twitter seems like a natural fighting ground where each candidate can express their sentiment in 140 characters or less.

Clinton and Trump’s campaigns have been using social media more than in any other Presidential race.

Let’s think for a minute (or pretend) that former President Bill Clinton could have had access to social media back then.

Bill might have used sites like, ‘Black people meet dot com,’ or myspace to attract young, urban and educated voters.

Let’s just say, in our opinion,¬†social media is actually becoming a buzz kill for the political arena.

Politics are fought in the legislative offices, ‘back offices,’ or in formal arena’s such as debates.

As we get closer to the November Presidential election I hope the candidates can use more forums to express their ideas, viewpoints or beliefs in more traditional avenues.

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