Nicki Minaj has one of the worse two performances of the night; American Music Awards

Has Nicki Minaj taken an ‘L’ on her career by shock -gunning ‘boyfriend’ Meek Mill’s industry feuds? Her 2016 Ama performance  left fans ‘disappointed.’

Nicki has remained hush on Meek’s on again- off again beef with rapper Drake.

One thing’s for sure she performed like crap!

Having watched Bruno Mars hit the stage with ’24-karat Gold,’ and Lady Gaga sing out the roof.

I couldn’t help but notice something seemed ‘odd’ with Minaj.

The rap mogul’s performance appeared unrehearsed and aloof. The songstress at one point missed lyrics near the end.

As a fan of her artistry, mystery and her ambitious musical career she does not get a pass on this one.

What did you think of her performance tonight?










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