Sports; Colts face Pittsburgh Steelers without Andrew Luck

Tonight will be the first time the Indianapolis Colts are playing in the National Football League’s Thanksgiving ‘night game.’ Facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers the Colts will be without star Quarterback Andrew Luck.

Indianapolis will look to use 2nd string Quaterback Scott Tolzien. This will be Tolzien’s third professional NFL start after playing behind Aaron Rogers for three years in Greenbay.

Luck is undergoing standard concussion protocol from last Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

He will have to sit tonights game out.

The Indianapolis offense will need to get going early against the Steelers if they hope to clinch a win at home.

Running back Frank Gore may play a key role tonight for the Colts. He has averaged over 60 yards a game this season. The run will have to be strong.

See all the action tonight at 8pm ET.

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