Why violence in urban communities continue to rise

Urban communities in the United States continually lack resources to address ‘black on black’ crime.

Growing up in urban communities residents can become numb to violent crime.

When you live in an environment where conflicts are resolved through shooting and killing one another one could anticipate a high level of tension and stress in these communities.

Young African-American men between the ages of 14-25 are most at risk.

There are generations of African-American children who have grown up in a domestic war zone.

Where violent crime is a norm instead of a rare circumstance.

The ‘Mental health’ of these communities is an area of serious concern.

Conflict resolution for the youth is equally essential to building healthier and safer communities.

Law enforcement alone can not solve violence plaguing the urban African American communities.

Neighbors and community activist should be equipped with resources for individuals suffering  from mental illness.

Any person growing up inundated with violence their whole life should be afforded resources to discuss  alternative ways to deal with conflict, peer pressure and the impact of growing up around violence.

An open dialogue with others who have similar shared experiences but have come out changed and inspired.

Residents have to be willing to participate in the change needed however.

Recommending men, women and youth who have been exposed to violence and providing them the assistance they need.

Residents in urban communities should have the opportunity to better their circumstances and become an asset to the larger community instead of a threat.


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