Politics; Permanent residents and green card holders given ‘waivers’ in new immigration bill

When President Trump signed an executive order Friday night calling for ‘extreme vetting’ or what many are calling a, “Muslim-ban.”

His order prohibited citizens whose birthed nations  were either Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Iran, or Yemen entry into the United States.

Citizens from those countries are expected to undergo background evaluations that are heavily scrutinized by border patrol agents before gaining entry.

What the news media did not say in regards to President Trump’s executive order is that permanent US residents and current green card holders would be given ‘waivers’ under the new policy to freely travel to and from their home country.

This fact was not heavily publicized.

The US border patrol grants entry to the US for over 300,000 people every day. Over this past weekend according to the Airport Authority 109 individuals were detained & denied entry to the US due to President Trump’s latest policy.

Airlines like JFK & LAX held or blocked entrance for travelers from Muslim nations which caused a national panic- even triggering nationwide protest.

Lawyers presented evidence to a federal judge in New York who agreed the policy could infringe on individual rights and passed a temporary stop to President Trump’s policy allowing ‘most’ detained travelers release.

It still remains  an attitude of the administration that the policy is indeed ‘working’ as it should.

The effects are being felt locally as Indiana University has temporarily suspended their study abroad programs due to the administrations policy change.

IU officials released a statement stating it was the best interest of their students to suspend programs traveling overseas.

Even the National Basketball Association has written a letter to the White House  urging them to reevaluate its current policy- as many of their players come from nations across the globe.




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