Highway sign in North Carolina sparks feminist debate

A billboard sign off Interstate 40 in North Carolina has some onlookers troubled.

“Real Men provide
Real women appreciate it,” is the message that commuters will have to pass by the next 30 days according to Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising group, who leases the space.

“The renter wants to remain anonymous,” according to Whiteheart.

The billboards intent is what is driving a larger debate on heterosexuality, sexism and equality.

Marxist and socialist feminists, “That domestic work should be recognized as real work, productive work according to feminist scholar Rosemary Tong.

Radical-liberal feminist reject heterosexual relationships between a superior male an submissive woman, from Tong’s, “Feminist Thought, A More Comprehensice Introduction.”

Some highway drivers ‘feel’ the sign has a negative undertone.

According to the Associated Press who talked with one North Carolina woman who is organizing a peaceful protest against the billboard message this coming Sunday.

Molly Grace, said, “It’s absolutely insulting to single mothers, to women who have careers whether they are small or big careers.”

Grace has over 100 other supporters on a Facebook page created to protest the billboard this week.

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