Adulting 101: Three easy ways to engage your kids on a busy schedule

School #73 (Bronx NY)

It’s 5:30 p.m. and your off work. Headed right into rush hour traffic.  You pickup the kiddos, just in time to morph into a semi- responsible adult.

All the while you re-play an evening checklist of the tasks that lay ahead.

Cook dinner, man homework, eat dinner and tirelessly make it in your own bed.

Just to do it again, tomorrow.

“My,” “Where does the time go?”

Parents alike can understand how the balancing act of a professional life and a family life can become overwhelming.

Spending quality time with your children can be a juggling act.

‘Parents on the go,’ find themselves with this constant dilemma.

Which is why spending quality time with your children can be most critical in the world we live in.

Raising the next generation is substantially important as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all in one.

Below you will find three simple ways you can spend some quality time with your kids with a busy  schedule:

  1. Read your favorite book!

Reading encourages dialogue and helps develops key communication skills kids can use throughout their life.

Children between 3-6 yrs, old should choose books appropriate for their reading level. Focusing on books that can be read easily make the experience enjoyable and can build confidence in your child. Bedtime stories can create healthy routines your family can rely on.

Children 10 years & up should choose chapter books. Each of you should find a copy and read separately the chapters.

Find time during carpool or dinner time to catch on the latest chapters & sequence of events in the book. Challenge them to express their thoughts and opinions and listen. Hear them develop their voice.

  1. Make wearable arts & crafts.

School aged kids have holidays, homecoming and class parties to celebrate all the time. Use theses times to express their school spitit by creating their own DIY t-shirt.

This easy going arts & craft can have the faintest of heart look like Martha Stewart (pre & post jail).

  1. Board games

They just never go out of style! Play a good ole’ fashioned board game. It is always a good idea to introduce board games that you enjoyed as a kid. This way you can establish traditions and relive your childhood that has lasting memories.

Monopoly may not be the best idea for a school night. Instead, try Checkers, Connect Four or Trouble. These games are easy to play and simple to put away.

The overall theme from parents is finding time to breakaway from your every day routine and enjoy some time with your kids. They don’t stay kids for long so make the effort and share with me how it goes!

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