Happy Birthday Mr West

In honor of Kanye West 40th birthday I’ve picked five of the craziest yet realist Kanye moments… of all time.

Kicking it off with #5

Kanye entitled his first album, “College dropout” after dropping out of community college.

The album went on to sell upwards of 4 million copies worldwide.

#4 “Kanye” the producer

Wayyy before Yeezy’s and Kim K… Kanye West first got his chance producing tracks for artists like Jay Z…

#3 AmberRose… duhhhh

We have to appreciate the man who brought Amberrose to mainstream.

She embodied hip hop culture through fashion all while sporting her signature blonde fade hairstyle- that is now iconic on its own.

Thanks Kanye!

#2 Saying Beyoncé is the greatest artist of all time…

“Was he lying though?” I don’t think his statement interrupting songwriter superstar Taylor Swift got a fair chance.

Let me explain…

What Kanye really meant to do was say excuse me after jumping on stage… “but Beyoncé is the greatest of all time.”

And then politely  let Swift accept her award & finish!

Or you can blame it on too many glasses of Hennessy liquor. But then again you don’t need much to feel compelled to name drop Beyonce!   See…

#1 Wildest Kanye moment Through the wire- track

Kanye spit bars literally through metal wires after recovering from a nearly life altering car crash.

The rapper lyrically went in revealing personal conflicts and obstacles he’s overcome.

So Happy Birthday and many more!




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