Remembering the legacy of Muhammad Ali

We need more giants in today’s society…

Too many followers and not enough leaders.

We need celebrites and ordinary people to use their influence to spark debate, speak out on your beliefs, respectively so, don’t be scared to face adversity and take a stand for something!

Muhammad Ali was a champion of these principals.

To the world he was known as ‘the greatest of all time.’

A giant, who’s life will be remembered for his contiributions in and outside of the boxing arena.

Ali symbolized integrity, courage and pride. All while still making mistakes and fallen victim to everyday struggles and abuses.

His boxing career is paralleled to few. ‘He floated like a butterfly and stynf like a bee,’ leaving marginal room for his opponents to even land punches in the ring.

Ali indeed was a champion.

He will be remembered for his outspoken demeanor. He left little room for interpretation on his views and beliefs.

Whether Ali was standing up against racism, standing firm in his Muslim religious beliefs, Ali was a man of great character.

His legacy will forever be engraved in our history.

I challenge more celebrites to become a giant!


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