🎥 Review: All Eyes on Me

All Eyes on Me film premiered  in theaters nationwide this weekend.

Directed by Benny Boom, All Eyes On Me depicts the life and career of American rap artist Tupac Shakur.

Actor Demetrius Ship stars as the controversial and often misunderstood artist.

Ship held his own reprising some of hip hop’s most iconic musical moments…

from The Digital Underground,

Deathrow Records,

the relationship between Tupac & Biggie

The film retells the life and circumstances of PAC, the artist.

Ship plays out Tupac’s relationship with his mother, a former black panther and black revolutionary.

Who taught PAC to not be silenced and through art find his purpose.

The films highlights was Tupacs music that played loudly and poetically throughout the film.

Keep ya Head Up, Dear Mama & Brendas Got a Baby, we’re a few of  the featured songs throughout the  movie that had the audience singing, rapping along.

Indy Reporter rates All Eyes on Me a MUST SEE FILM. 

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