Kids dance, act & sing for the Asante Children’s Prep for Life program

The Asante Children’s Theatre has an annual Prep for Life program offered at the Madame CJ Walker building in Indianapolis, IN.

The program allows children to discover their artistic skills in storytelling, acting, writing, and singing.

Prep for Life started in 2006 with a mission to use performing arts to develop life skills in youth.

Parents and children are asked to attend the introductory session where you meet Artistic Director Deborah Asante and Executive Director Keesha Dixon.


Prep for Life encourages children with little or no experience to participate in the arts.


No formal audition is required.


Children between the ages of six to fourteen participate in the nine week session that helps build confidence and an atmosphere to develop there individual sense of purpose.

Their are weekly sessions anout two hours in length.

Children learn fundamentals of theater, dance, and song.

The program features two more facilitator’s whose expertise in vocal training and performance art is a true value for parents and children to have.


The Asante Children’s Theatre was created in 1990 to give school age children exposure to the arts and to celebrate the unique traditions of African and African-American performing arts.


Visit there website to learn when the next Prep for Life program will begin.

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