Why voter participation in off year elections is crucial to the people’s agenda

Voter turnout in off year elections can help Democrat and Republican parties measure the public attitudes & political mood.

In odd year elections there are fewer races than mid year elections.

Voter participation is necessary as positions for Governor, Mayor, special elections for House of Representatives  & Senate seats are also up for grabs.

In Virginia voter turnout for this year’s June Primary race appeared higher than years before.

According to People’s World, over 300,000 Democrat voters came out in support of Ralph Northam who is currently running for Governor of Virginia.

Northam won the primary over Rep. Tom Perriello and is expected to run against Republican candidate Ed Gillespie for Governor this fall.

Virginia & New Jersey Governor will be filled in this year’s elections.

Mayoral races in Atlanta and New York City are also expected to have larger turnouts this fall.




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