Is rap beef with Remy Ma to blame for Nicki Minaj live performance fails

Nicki Minaj performed last night at the first annual NBA Awards on TNT.

Indy Reporter has followed Minsk’s award show performances this past year and again we were highly disappointed in the effort from Minaj last night.

She could win a glam-azon award for slaying her look though.

Minaj’s hair and makeup were executed flawlessly as she walked across the stage.

But glam alone could not keep the attention of viewers as we watched a very dry performance from Minaj.

The rap superstar performed three songs and had special appearance from rapper 2 Chains.

The NBA audience was silent for most of the performance leaving viewers at home a little uncomfortable watching her emotionless performance.

Nicki spit lines from her response diss record to arch nemesis, Remy Ma.

Although the rap beef appeared to have fizzled out between the two female emcees it was reignited pm Sunday’s BET Awards.

Remy Ma was crowned best female hip hop artist -an award Nicki Minaj has won the past seven years.

Remy’s acceptance speech targeted Minaj as she quoted lines from her album Plato Ploma.

“Ya b#%*!es got fat while we starved, shots in ya a**, pads in ya bras. Ya’ll some liars, it ain’t no facts in ya songs, and yeah that crown is coming back to the Bronx.”

Nicki flaunted her insanely toned body in an all white two piece ensemble.

Viewers at home weren’t overly impressed by her performance however.

As a viewer I was bored watching the rapper do poorly choreographed moves and rap nonchalantly as if she already won the audience over.

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